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Fantasy Mastiffs Beginnings

Fantasy Mastiffs began in 1984, when I saw my first mastiff, an older female, somewhat broken down from having litters and greying in the muzzle. She was in a local Pet & Toy parade, and had 6 children hanging onto her. Even though she was in her twilight years, she posessed that quality of grandeur and good nature, and she exuded a majestic demeanor that made you feel like you were gazing upon a mystical queen in a far-off fantasy land. I don't know anything more about her, but she stole my heart that day, and mastiffs have owned me ever since that fateful day.

Fantasy Mastiffs today

We have been selectively breeding on a small basis, always striving to produce sound healthy mastiffs with great temperaments. We have been proud and happy with what we have done throughout the years and will continue the tradition of excellence that we hold dear.

Please visit our past Mastiffs

Our past mastiffs reflect the ancestry we are proud to be a part of...CH. Hollesley's Medicine Man and Ch. Deer Run Wycliff provided an integral part in combining English Lines and American lines to provide the foundation of our dogs today. A special thank you goes to Tobin Jackson of Deer Run Kennels who mentored me and guided me in my breeding plans and the show ring.

Mastiffs today

We are proud that we kept the consistency in type in our mastiffs today. Temperaments are extremely important to us, and we are proud of the gentle demeanor that we have preserved through careful selective breeding practices.



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