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CH. Deer Run Pandora's Fantasy
CH. Deer Run Pandora's Fantasy (1984 - 1994 ) (CH. Deer Run Warlock's Fantasy X Grangemoor Magdalen)

______________________________________________ Pandora was my very first mastiff and the light of my life! We learned so many things together. Besides being my best friend, attached to my hip, she also was the first Mastiff to receive Molosser Ch. of Excellence WB- NEMF Supported Entry WB,BOW, BOS, TRMC Supported Entry Brood Bitch - NEMF Supported Entry Veteran Bitch - NEMF Supported Entry


Pandora Brood Bitch 1989
Pandora at the NEMF supported entry 1989 winning the Brood Bitch class with her daughters Mariah and Shaunna

Pandora as a Veteran
Pandora as a veteran at 8 yrs old in 1992

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