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CH. Fantasy's Heaven Sent Mariah
CH. Fantasy's Heaven Sent Mariah (1986-1995 ) (CH. Deer Run Warlock's Fantasy X CH. Deer Run Pandora's Fantasy) __________________________________________________________ Mariah was a sweet and silly girl. She didn't like to show but she would do as I asked, but never wanted to show off that beautiful head and expresion to the judge. We perservered for a year searching for one elusive point, and coming in reserve to her daughter quite a bit, and finally finished with a third major. Mariah retired to have one litter and be a couch potato the rest of her life.

Mariah at 3 yrs

Mariah NEMF Brood Bitch
Mariah winning NEMF Brood Bitch with her daughters Pagan and Fanny

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