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CH. Fantasy's Keys To The Kingdom
CH. Fantasy's Keys To The Kingdom (1991 - 2000) (CH. Deer Run Warlock's Fantasy X Tequila Sunrise) ______________________________________________________ Brutus was a big silly lug and my first "specials" dog. He had a sparkling personality and an enthusiasm for the show ring that the all-rounder judges appreciated. Brutus was usually seen ringside standing on his hind legs with his paw on my shoulder. He also insisted on accepting his ribbon from the judge and would carry it out of the ring himself.

Brutus at 6 mos old
Brutus was a headstrong puppy who refused to walk on a leash. When his first 2 shows came up at 6 mos old, I was sweating a blue streak over his behavior. He went in the ring both days and won points each day. The one judge even commented that I must have worked really hard with him, as he was so well-trained. Brutus had us all fooled.


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